“Kang has made a film that's rich in its appreciation of the vagaries of life- and sadness is only one of many emotions evoked in A Little Wisdom” 

“Slowly, we reach a sort of transcendence, discerning 'a little wisdom' in the most mundane of actions.”

“Kang Yuqi’s new documentary, A Little Wisdom, shows kids will be kids, even in a monastery in the birthplace of Buddha .”

“Viewers experience monastery life through the eyes of Hopakuli, a five-year-old boy who navigates the ordinary trials and tribulations of childhood. ”

“The film itself is a celebration of the youthful spirit and exuberance of children learning  how to grow up.”

“Yuqi's approach to structure is unique in that it creates a tapestry and rhythm that gives you a strong sense of place but also propels the story forward.”